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The world’s leading news organizations are an essential component of Viva Technology. In 2019, some 2,450 journalists, representing 75 nationalities were on-hand to report on sessions and workshops and bring the event to an international audience. VivaTech contents reached 231 million people, with 3 billion views over three days.

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  • VivaTech has become an unmissable event on the calendar, with an influential guest list of Silicon Valley CEO's, leaders of French Industry and tech startups all at the forefront of digital transformation.

  • VivaTech with its various satellite conversations and pacing creates an atmosphere for thought-leadership and a bit of reflection and intimacy. VivaTech will probably be on the mus-attend list for global players as the future of technology continues to unfold.

  • From incredible displays and interactive experiences, to insightful conversations with world leading experts, you leave VivaTech absolutely brimming with fresh ideas for the future.


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In 2019 Viva Technology welcomed 2,450 journalists representing 75 nationalities.
We hope you will join us next year to share news of the top-level speakers, immersive innovations and only-at-VivaTech collaborations between startups and established businesses.

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