Tomorrow’s Tech, Today

The future is here: Come discover the most promising innovations during the 5th edition of Viva Technology.

This year, Viva Technology returns in a reinvented hybrid format, and there's no shortage of surprises and new ways to encounter and engage with the latest tech innovations.

Virtual Showrooms

Most of our innovations are staged in a digital immersive experience that will give you the chance to explore, discover and interact with the most eye-popping tech in a completely reinvented way.

3D and Augmented Reality Experiences

Most of the innovations will be available for you to explore in 3D – turn them round, zoom in, interact with them, from wherever you are. If you feel like it, you can also display them in Augmented Reality directly from your smartphone.

Innovation Zones

Like we do every year, we sourced the most exciting tech from around the world and we brought it to Viva Technology. These dedicated Innovation Zones are purpose-built to allow you to encounter all the most forward-looking trends and projects out there.
Innovation Parks
These Parks are the key Viva Technology innovation areas dedicated to all the topics that matter: robotics, foodtech, mobility, greentech... Come and take a good look into the future.
The Discovery
This fascinating zone at VivaTech offers you a This fascinating zone at VivaTech is dedicated to the most amazing and promising hardware technologies, from IoT to wearables, drones, robots....
The Arena
This stage is set for demonstrating the latest technologies and innovations. Startups from around the world climb these stairs to present their cutting-edge projects to the public.

Get your hands on innovation!

A close encounter with the Dot Watch by Dot Incorporation, showcased during the Asia stage of our VivaTech Tour.

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