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VivaTech has been committed from the outset to making tech more inclusive, and several dedicated initiatives have been launched. Alongside partners that include Tech for Good actors and associations, we are focusing on two priority populations this year: young people, who should consider tech and code professions as accelerators of economic inclusion; and women, who should be more likely to dare to undertake or make a career in technology.

Young People

The evidence is overwhelming: 16% of people under 25 are unemployed, twice as many as the rest of the population (Vie Publique). Supporting young people is therefore a priority for VivaTech, through speed-coaching sessions with l'Escalator, an incubator founded by Maurice Levy, for nearly 1,000 young people, the majority of whom are socially excluded and have an entrepreneurial project, who will be mentored by our partners; a special event with Diversidays (on Saturday 18 June) to showcase the talents of diversity; and the Great Youth Cause workshops: For the second time, VivaTech is joining forces with the Great Youth Cause #SolutionsJeunes with in order to bring out solutions so that every young person can find their place in society. The Great Cause began with a massive citizen consultation, which took place from 22 March to 22 May 2022, around the question, "What solutions for every young person to find their place in society?" The results will be revealed on 10 June 2022.

On 18 June 2022 from 10am to 11am, Viva Technology and will invite visitors to consultative workshops bringing together companies, startups, associations and citizens.


Tech is a formidable vector of inclusion. Since its inception, VivaTech has sought to combat the under-representation of women in the world of startups and technology. Indeed, only 6% of the founders of the French Tech 120 are women and only 2.3% of fundraising is done by women CEOs. VivaTech partners with 50inTech for the fourth edition of the Female Founder Challenge and to facilitate meetings between VC's and women entrepreneurs (for more information follow this link). 

VivaTech is joining forces with the Women & Girls in Tech collective (powered by BNP Paribas, Simplon, Digital Ladies & Allies and BECOMTECH) to boost gender diversity in digital professions through a program that will run over the four days of the event.

This program meets the dual objective of making it easier for young people to discover the digital professions in order to find their first job, and to help them discover the world of technology.

Three initiatives will be featured at VivaTech: the creation of a specific #WoGiTech program highlighting the initiatives presented at VivaTech in favor of the advancement of women in the tech industry; the organization of guided tours for third and second year classes on the afternoon of Thursday 16 June; and a "Because Girls Can" day of celebration for our youngest visitors - on Saturday 18 June - with a treasure hunt and an inspirational "Girls Hackademy" session in Stage One.

Top speakers:

To address inclusion, VivaTech welcomes Audrey Azoulay (Director General - UNESCO) to Stage One and, to VivaTech’s other stages, Sruti Bharat (Interim CEO - All Raise and co-founder - FutureMap) ; Théo Scubla (CEO - Each One); and Kat Vellos (CEO, Let's All Get Together) and Frédéric Bardeau (Co-Founder & Président - Despite efforts to establish inclusion and diversity as core values, the technology industry still has a long way to go. They will explore different perspectives on how to unlock the untapped potential of a more diverse work community.

Arlan Hamilton (Founder and Managing Partner - Backstage Capital) will share her unique entrepreneurial journey. She created a fund dedicated to reducing funding disparities in the technology sector by investing in high potential founders who are people of color, women and/or LGBTQ.

Of course, Tech also helps to accelerate other inclusion goals for society. This year, several startups will present their innovations in the service of humanity at VivaTech's Human Park by TikTok. Switzerland's Biped AI will be showing the marketable version of its intelligent handheld device, which enables visually impaired people to move around by identifying obstacles and being guided by sound; Scaled Tech, a British startup specializing in intelligent materials that minimize joint injuries to athletes in 3D printing to adapt to all morphologies; and France's Tactilaptic will be showcasing its augmented skin devices; Tesla Suit and its sensor-equipped garments that offer a sense of touch in virtual and augmented reality; Nexstem will come from India with a device that allows the brain to transcend human biological limits, also presented as a world premiere; Olfy is developing a light and innovative accessory that adds an olfactory dimension to virtual reality experiences; Waverly Labs, a New York-based startup, will show its headphones and Subtitles, its physical machine translation terminal.

Among the Labs and stands of  VivaTech’s major partners will be innovations from Axa, which will present its innovative technological projects related to climate change and access to healthcare. Sanofi will present TheiaApp, an innovative application for visually impaired people, for whom navigating the world is difficult, to enable them to take medication with confidence. Sanofi will also present AccelRare, its project with MedVir, an AI solution based on patients' symptoms so that doctors can detect rare diseases more quickly. Bouygues will come with a 5G-connected health teleconsultation booth. Huawei will present Huawei Track AI, in collaboration with Dive Medical, to continue the fight against blindness, using AI to detect visual deficiencies in young children.