TechCrunch Hackathon

The best Hackers in Europe had 36 hours to build something awesome and present it in front of the VivaTech audience and TechCrunch cameras. Developers, UX/UI designers, data scientists and startuppers teamed up and took on the challenge together.

Once again, TechCrunch and VivaTech partnered up to organize the largest Corporate Hackathon in Europe from May 17 to May 18 2019, bringing hundreds of Hackers together for 36 hours. Five corporates and tech partners challenged the hackers with specific problems and awarded the best Project with prize money, incubation, hardware, and lots of surprises! This year’s best project,, was awarded with €5,000 as well as tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2019 and VivaTech 2020.

Look back on the 2019 edition


Hackers participated


Nationalities represented


Projects presented on stage


Winning teams

A glimpse of the 2019 hackathon
Code, code, code
Everybody getting ready for the project presentations
One of the winning teams!

Look back on the 2019 Challenges


There are plenty of community, collaboration and project management tools available for developers to use. But how do we make these essential assets better?

Using Corvid by Wix, build the tools you've always dreamed of that will take your productivity to the next level.


Making an impact can have different meanings, and we believe that one of them is about improving how we support student’s careers. Have you ever asked yourself “have I chosen the right studies and the right career for me?” According to the French Ministry of Higher Education, 150.000 French students decide to change their degree course. Participating to VivaTech is a great way to solve this issue through innovation. So let’s help them find the path that suits them best for their future career! The winner of this challenge will receive a €5,000 prize.


In the 21st century, metal alloys are everywhere, e.g. computers, electric cars, satellites. You can find up to 20 different alloys in a single computer. The quality requirements of customers are extremely tight nowadays. Your mission: find a solution that can provide our customers with 100% transparency on our supply chains, from the extraction of ore from the mine to the final product, with a heavy focus on the quality, environmental, social and ethical aspects.


Predictive Mode Challenge

Discovering emerging brands and propose an offer aligned with consumer expectations is a permanent challenge. Data can help us identify major upcoming trends and measure the potential of a brand or collection by uncovering fashion trends of tomorrow through text mining algorithms and pattern recognition in images and videos.

If you wish to put your creativity and data analysis skills to link fashion and deep learning algorithms, then this challenge is made for you!


Collective intelligence can help find smart solutions to make Healthcare professionals’ (HCPs) practice easier and bring better care to people living with cardio-metabolic challenges like Diabetes.
Sanofi, Cegedim & IBM will provide anonymized electronical health records, for you to design data-driven solutions for HCPs and their patients. How to optimize time and effort? How to better predict & personalize care? How can we avoid health complications, and allow better decision making?

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