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Future of Work

The pandemic has changed the way we work and, for better or worse, there is no going back. Hybrid working seems to be the new model widely adopted by companies. In fact, 49% of the population believes that teleworking promotes efficiency and better work/life balance (MIT Technology Review). 

The rapidly changing needs of the workforce and employers have given rise to new companies to meet these new demands. Some established companies have responded by trying to adapt and reinvent themselves to take advantage of this new paradigm. Hybrid working creates new communication and security challenges and therefore new opportunities: the companies that are most successful in adapting to the new normal can distinguish themselves from their competitors. 

However, according to the Atomico report, one of the biggest challenges for tech companies in Europe is the need for talent, with 21% of respondents saying that they need to find new talent. For founders, 29% make this their primary concern.

Top speakers:

These themes will be discussed on  VivaTech’s various stages. Michelle Nettles (Chief People and Culture Officer - ManpowerGroup); Andy Baldwin (Global managing partner - EY) and Mariano Suarez-Battan (Co-Founder & CEO, MURAL) will be present on Stage One to discuss the importance of tech in inventing and perpetuating new ways of working and emerging trends in the wake of the Covid19 crisis.  

Other conversations will explore the challenges of reinventing the workplace, as well as the tensions in the job market, and will feature Caroline Girard, Leroy (Global HR Director, Payfit); Matthieu Beucher (Founder and CEO, Klaxoon); Bret Taylor (Co-CEO - Salesforce) ; Jared Spataro, (CVP Modern Work, Microsoft 365) and Samit Chopra (COO, Wework). 

Another session will look at the challenges of acquiring professional skills beyond the academic level, as well as the digital transformation of certain sectors in view of a decarbonised economy. Jonas Prising (CEO - ManpowerGroup);  Pierre Dubuc (Co-founder & CEO - OpenClassroom); Marie-Christine Levet (Founder - Educapital) and Frédéric Gimenez (Chief Digital Officer and Director of the TotalEnergies Digital Factory) will be on hand.


As a recognized part of its DNA, VivaTech facilitates meetings and connections between startups and large corporations, between young talents and recruiters... 2022 is a particularly pivotal year for youth and employment. That's why, for the second year in a row, in partnership with CleverConnect, a job board will be organized to connect young talents, corporates and startups. The aim is to offer internships and apprenticeships, or first jobs in tech-related positions, and to create a bridge between the various communities that meet at VivaTech. 

A student afterwork will also be held during the three days dedicated to B2B, in partnership with ManpowerGroup, to imagine recruitment differently. 

Each day starting at 4:30 pm, ManpowerGroup will host a gamified "who's who" reverse pitch session in its Lab to discover the jobs of the future and the companies that are recruiting. The afterwork will end with a moment of networking over a drink.


Innovations found in the field of the world of work will be present at VivaTech, such as those of our new partner The Adecco Group, which will present its future entity Akkodis, resulting from the merger of Akka and Modis, to create the new world leader in technology and digital engineering and OpenMind, a VR soft skills development method combining human, technology and neuroscience to improve well-being and performance at work.

Edenred, also for the first time a partner of VivaTech, will offer with its unique technological platform more than 250 programs that adapt to new ways of working to better build strong and sustainable relationships; Klaxoon will return with its Workshop Platform that brings together in a single space a unique set of functionalities to engage staff; and SAP will present technologies and solutions that enable companies of all sizes to become smart and sustainable businesses.

In the Working to Change the World Lab, ManpowerGroup will address the key issues surrounding the future of employment, the shift in the world of work and the new aspirations of talent in a more sustainable world. To this end, ManpowerGroup will present its MyPath programme, with personalized pathways for motivated talent committed to a sustainable approach to collaboration in order to develop their employability in promising professions. This year, Microsoft will showcase its innovations that will lead to positive changes for a sustainable, equitable and innovative world, including Holoportation, which enables high-quality 3D models of people to be reconstructed, compressed and transmitted in real time anywhere in the world. This technology allows users to see, hear and interact with remote participants in 3D, as if they were actually present in the same physical space. The Accelerator, an internal Sanofi startup, is reinventing working methods based on an agile approach to accelerate the development of digital solutions in the health sector.

La Poste, in its Lab, will demonstrate how the exoskeleton used by DPDgroup in Germany fits in with a responsible employer approach and meets the needs of the supply chain.