What are the sponsoring opportunities at VivaTech?

Pitch Contest: enables companies to identify the best startups to work with you on their next innovation challenge and organize a pitch session at VivaTech.

Hackathon: The Hackathon sponsors a challenge with hundreds of developers over 2 days to hack their business and tech issues.

Better Life Avenue: is a co-created square that offers VivaTech attendees the possibility to do business, relax, eat and enjoy fun experiences. It offers the sponsor a new way to communicate and promote its initiatives.

VivaTech Lounges: offer the opportunity to sponsors to network with specific VivaTech communities such as C-levels, developers or VCs in an intimate space.

Parks: allow companies to associate their brand with a specific subject (VR, Mobility, Green tech, Sport, Gaming) at VivaTech and allow attendees to try and test the most innovative solutions in the field.

Side Events: bring VivaTech's attendees together at VivaTech (Viva Concert, VivaTech Show) beyond the walls of VivaTech in a friendly and festive atmosphere (VC Night, Viva on The Docks)

Business Facilities: offer numerous opportunities: to organize thematic workshops, to invite clients to the Hospitality Suites, to host cocktails on the Patio or to enable Partners and employees to discover VivaTech through a personalized guided tour.

I want to be a sponsor at VivaTech: https://vivatech.sellsy.com/s/11480/vivatech2019

Please find more information here: https://vivatechnology.com/become-a-partner/

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