Digital Accessibility - FACIL'iti

At a time when digital technology has become an essential part of our daily lives, a large part of the population has difficulties in carrying out administrative procedures online or making purchases on the Internet.

Indeed, the vast majority of websites are not adapted to the browsing needs of people with disabilities.


VivaTech is committed to digital inclusion by using FACIL'iti, an innovative tool developed by a French company.

With FACIL'iti, the display of this website adapts to the comfort needs of people with visual, motor or cognitive disabilities. Many profiles are available to adapt to a maximum of needs: visual impairment, Parkinson's disease, AMD, color blindness, dyslexia...

For more comfortable navigation, you can now customize the display of this website by easily choosing the profile that best suits you.
Easy for users
In order to benefit from this customized navigation for free, all the user has to do is choose the profile that corresponds to him on the FACIL'iti website.

The choice of the profile is very simple for the user: no prior registration, no email or any personal information is required!


1. Click on the button Facil'iti

2. Create a profile

The first time, you must choose a predefined profile
Pre-filled profile in 1 CLICK or PERSONALIZED PROFILE

3. A large choice of predefined profiles is proposed. Simply choose or create a custom profile.

That's it!

All the sites equipped with FACIL'iti have automatically adapted to the user's profile!