Welcome to EuropaTech, where Europe’s leading innovators ignite positive change.
As the new decade begins, Europe is a giant marketplace where venture capital is pouring in and startups are growing into unicorns faster than ever. Advanced technologies are fueling economic resilience. Companies large and small are deploying digital to engage new communities within and beyond Europe’s borders, and Europe is leading the worldwide conversation about data democratisation.

EuropaTech in 2021

This year's program is enriched by specific European prizes. The Next Unicorn Award has the goal to promote and strenghten the European tech ecosystem and it rewards fast-growing scale-ups on the way to become Unicorns.

Startups Challenges Launched by European Partners

Three Startups Challenges, hosted on VivaTech's platform, were powered by a European partner, We Are, within the EuropaTech program. These challenges were a call for solutions to create more value for live shows, to help brands conquer second-hand markets, and to find new ways to engage audiences.
VivaTech Tour in Europe
The VivaTech Tour online series hopped around the world one region at a time on the way to the fifth edition of VivaTech. On April 8, the Tour was in northern Europe, and on April 15, the Tour will visit the southern part of the continent. The last stage of the European VivaTech Tour focuses more on the #EuropaTech program and will be live on April 22th.
Scale-Up Europe
The Scale-up Europe initiative was launched by French President Emmanuel Macron and in partnership with Viva Technology. The objective is to accelerate the rise of global tech leaders from Europe, in the service of both progress and technological sovereignty. This initiative gathers a select group of more than 150 leading founders, investors, researchers, corporate CEOs and government officials from the European tech ecosystem.