Being the brightest and best of global tech takes collaboration. That’s why VivaTech gives startups insider and others access to investment funds, corporates, incubators, consulting firms, and other essential resources to boost your business during 3 days.

Office Hours

VivaTech’s Office Hours platform puts your startup in front of top VCs such as Accel Partners, Index Ventures, JVP, and Partech Ventures. If they like what they see there, they can arrange a one-to-one meeting with you in a confidential area at VivaTech.

Scaleup Lounge

Do you want to know how to manage hyper-growth? The do’s and don’ts of raising funds? We’ve gathered top consultants, mentors and scaleups founders to solve your trickiest growth problems and share their insightful experiences. The Scaleup Lounge will feature a series of talks and one-to-one coaching sessions to help you level-up your business and become a unicorn.

Talent Connect

We believe technology should serve people, not the other way around. And since innovation can be a powerful driver of sustainable and responsible employment, we’ve partnered with ManpowerGroup to create a Talent Connect platform of tech jobs. We think you’ll love its innovative candidate experience – and great jobs.

Mentor Lounge

Looking for an incredible mentor to help you grow your business? Mentoring is one of the keys to a successful startup and the Mentor Lounge will help you to connect with outstanding entrepreneurs willing to guide you to success. Marketing, sales, funding, HR…they all have their own expertise! Come and discover how to boost your development with mentoring.

Equality Lounge

Gender equality and diversity in the tech industry are essential and businesses can be powerful platforms for social change. The Equality Lounge powered by Salesforce will offer interactive panel sessions on key topics such as Women in Technology, Education or Equal Rights. Network with the best experts on diversity and learn useful tips to become an Equality Ally.