Sessions pillars

Stage One

Come hear global leaders tell you about their successes, challenges and where they see growth opportunities. By pushing the boundaries in business, politics, economy, and technology, they are shaping tomorrow’s world.

CEO Forum

Rapid technological change and the rise of powerful platform companies like Amazon and Google are forcing large corporations to reinvent themselves. Given the more intense competition of the Internet era, the traditional ways of doing business in sectors from finance to retail simply no longer work. So how are the best CEOs and top executives leading the digital transformation of their companies?  In these sessions, you will hear from them as they discuss the tools, methods, and approaches to successfully lead change at large complex organizations. The executives share how to partner with startups to spur innovation, the benefits of their successful open innovation strategy, as well as the importance of communication to change company culture.


Technology is booming in Africa. It is home to 1.2 billion people, 20 percent of whom are under 24 years old, giving it the world’s largest concentration of young people. These youth are joining the Internet-enabled economy at a faster pace than ever before thanks to wide availability of mobile phones. A new generation of homegrown entrepreneurs is racing to launch new products and services to improve the lives of their fellow Africans and conquer global markets. Speakers will include founders of start-ups, investors, and corporations in the region. They will fill us in on what is going on in the African tech scene by giving examples of new business models and products, as well discussing the challenges that remain.

Future Tech

Ground-breaking work now being done in laboratories on robotics, software, and genetics will usher in new realities in the coming decades. While not yet part of mainstream conversation, technologies like CRISPR gene editing, quantum computing and biohacking will affect much of humanity. Not all of the changes will be positive though, and such advances will have ethical and social implications that should be considered early on. But such innovations don’t have to usher in life that resembles a « Black Mirror » episode! Stop by for a glimpse of what’s ahead.

CMO Forum

The advent of the Internet has up-ended advertising, and forced big brands and their agencies to overhaul marketing techniques. Digital ad spending surpassed television for the first time last year and will account for 40 percent of global spending this year. Yet even with precision targeting and reams of data, truly reaching people with effective advertising is not easy. The CMO Forum will bring together leading marketing executives, advertisers, platform owners, and agencies to discuss how to break through the noise of the rapidly changing media landscape. Sessions will focus on the rise of voice search as home assistants become more popular, tightening regulation of personal data, and how to keep creativity alive in the age of the algorithm.

Impact Summit

Technology can be a force for good when applied to the world’s biggest problems like poverty or climate change. A fast broadband connection can link people to new markets. New 3D printing tools can be used to manufacture low-cost housing. Audio-based apps can help visually impaired people to navigate the world independently. Nevertheless we must be vigilant to ensure that tech doesn’t exacerbate inequality. In these sessions, we spotlight some of the most potentially impactful tech that can improve people’s lives.

Startup Stage

Start-up life can be tough and founders can benefit from a helping hand. So come spend time at the Startup Academy sessions aimed at solving common problems faced by young companies. This won’t just be experts talking theoretically; instead you’ll hear directly from experienced founders. Refining a killer idea, crafting a go-to-market strategy, hiring a team, assessing competition — they will help you avoid the major pitfalls. There will also be a VC Summit featuring prominent venture capitalists, and an Accelerator Summit that can help you turn your idea into a real company.