Klépierre, the European leader of shopping centers, has been a long-time partner of Viva Technology since the first edition in 2016. In 2017, Klépierre launched three challenges at VivaTech to source the best startups to address their business challenges, particularly related to customer experience and data collection. Three startups were selected and among them Mapwize, with whom they’ve been working with ever since!

Mapwize, startup specialized in mapping indoor spaces, suggested to Klépierre to map their indoor shopping centres Europe wide, via an interactive map accessible from an app. In 2017, they started collaborating in two test-centres in France. Visitors could from then navigate throughout the shopping centers according to their interests and needs, and also to access marketing or sales news. After a successful six month-long test phase, the technology was rolled out in all Klépierre centres (France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia, etc) from the beginning of 2018.  Klépierre recently recorded a 20% increase of downloads in its shopping centres’ Apps!

What’s the next step for this collaboration?  

Klépierre and Mapwize want to strengthen the features of the mobile application to best suit the needs of Klépierre’s customers. The startup and corporate continue to work together, on a continuous optimization process. Their future partnership will be focused on enriching and personalizing the customer journey in shopping centres through the maps.

Any advice for startups and corporates wanting to collaborate?

Both parties agreed on two main points:
- Be sure to take time and think carefully during the test phase, on the practical and daily ususages of the technology.
- Have a 360° POC approach and don’t ever stop improving the execution, to make sure tests give way to fruitful implementation.

Klépierre will be at VivaTech on May 24th-26th looking for new VivaStories to create. And you will be able to discover Mapwize’s technology on VivaTech’s official app.