Starting up is exciting, intense, it’s about breathing life into your business, about driving growth. It’s about crystalizing your vision: seeing your dream take form in the real world and knowing where you’re going to take it long term. So how do you secure that growth and make sure it continues to carry you forward to that long-term vision? There are experts for that too, and they’re at Viva Technology to meet you.

The consultations last up to half an hour and can cover any aspect of financing or taxation of interest to you. Three all-important themes are suggested: fund raising successfully, streamlining your tax profile and accelerating growth. Click here to register.

Fundraising successfully

Learn how to adapt your financial presentation to the specific requirements of a start-up: cash flow forecasts, tailored working capital financing in line with different growth hypotheses. Understand your financial package options and make sure you’re providing clear and accurate data to secure the financing you need.

Streamlining your tax profile

Make sense of your taxation environment and identify opportunities to unlock research and innovation tax incentives, access to special New Business tax status. Plan your tax profile for each development phase from development and launch through expansion and on to maturity.

Accelerating growth

Initiate an objective cross-business diagnosis, spot opportunities for efficiency improvement and develop business procedures suited to future development phases.

It’s also possible to benefit from consultations on any other technical field related to the creation or development of your structure. Register now to secure a place!