Technology allows us to invent new business models, create new opportunities for all sectors and leads us to rethink our society to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Artificial intelligence, air mobility, quantum computing and crypto-currencies are only a few of the subjects included in the VivaTech and Wavestone’s study on the 10 keys for the future.

But before you dive into it, here are some fun facts to test your knowledge:
Did you know that it costs €0.5 per European for a flight to the moon? Space is a booming sector with an increasing number of stakeholders and with one ambition: develop access to an out-of-this-world industry. But we can’t do it alone… Learn more on page 4.

230 hours : This is the number of hours spent per year by every inhabitant of San Francisco in traffic jams. This sticky situation can be solved by flying vehicles (yes, Back to the Future in real life)! However, urban mobility comes with a lot of challenges…Learn more on page 5.

AI can correctly identify a white man in 99% of cases, however this figure drops to 65% for a black woman. That’s why this technology is at the heart of all debates. It is an exciting industry with many opportunities but we still have a lot of work to do to reduce our cognitive biases. How can AI become more accurate than its creators? Learn more on page 6.

Quantum computing sounds fancy, complicated, and nerdy, but it is a major field for innovation, with lots to discover by using this technology. Making AI algorithms more powerful or improving battery life and the charging times of a car, all of this could be possible thanks to the unlimited potential of quantum computing. However, we need to be aware of the changes and obstacles which can come with it…Learn more on page 7.

Did you know that the bitcoin’s estimated annual energy consumption, 61 TWH, is roughly equivalent to that of Switzerland? Even if Bitcoin appears to be a “trendy” new way of making payments, a number of issues still need to be tackled before it can be accepted by states…Learn more on page 8.

Each key comes with political, environmental or societal challenges. If you want to know more, check out the complete study!


Article by Nissa Mounichy