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VivaTech’s Top 100 Scaleups: HealthTech Beyond COVID-19


Created by VivaTech in 2019, the Next Unicorn Award is first and foremost an award designed to highlight the most promising European startups based on the selection of the 100 scaleups with the most potential for becoming a unicorn. Last March, during our Preview Press Conference, we published the list of the Top 100 scaleups…

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Rising scaleups on the horizon: VivaTech’s Top 100 Scaleups


On March 9, VivaTech unveiled the “Top 100”, its list of the 100 most promising scaleups in Europe (including Israel). The list was created with leading investment and advisory firm GP Bullhound, in collaboration with five of the most renowned international investors who invest actively in Europe: Accel, Balderton, IdInvest, Partech and NorthZone. Together, we…

Recovery Challenge: What will help our economies & us recover?


In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, both global health and the economy are being challenged like never before. Our thoughts go out to all those affected. At VivaTech, we have always promoted startup solutions to encourage Open Innovation. In this very peculiar and difficult situation, we would like to follow up on this mission…

Quantum computing: The next tech revolution


VivaTech, in partnership with McKinsey & Company, is publishing a series of monthly articles looking at breakthrough technologies, starting with quantum computing. A powerful new form of computing could begin paying off for businesses within the next five-10 years. Here’s how companies can develop a game plan.Quantum computers have the potential to resolve complex problems across…

A Tech world that’s committed to contribute


 There’s no denying that what we are living through is new, difficult uncharted territory. With the COVID-19 crisis, we have all been forced to rethink and renew our ways of living, interacting and working. While the world may be in shock, society is proving its resilience and solidarity in overcoming the challenges that have arisen…

Take it easy


Coronavirus pandemic has flipped our lives upside-down, with a global movement to #StayAtHome. We’re slowly making our way out again, but this exceptional situation is an opportunity for all of us to learn new skills, pamper ourselves, and reconnect with what makes us happy. We’ve put together a list of awesome things to do and…

Startups join the battle against COVID-19


Among the many startups participating in Viva Technology, some of them – working in the fields of education, online commerce, telemedicine, etc. – are developing solutions to address the Coronavirus epidemic. VivaTech is helping to mobilize these startups and others who have joined us at past editions to offer their services and products free of…

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