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The Future of Work Has Arrived: What Companies Must Do


Say good-bye to impromptu conversations around coffee machines, at least physical ones.A consensus about the global pandemic is that it has forever altered the work environment. The most noticeable and consequential change is that working remotely, as opposed to in a centralized location like an office, has become the norm.Indeed, over the last year, a…

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10 Women Who Make the World Turn


 There has been undeniable progress over the years in closing the gender and pay gap, but obstacles still persist, particularly in the technology sector. Indeed, the problems are so pronounced that the European Commission keeps track with a "Women in Digital Scoreboard." According to the latest figures, only 18 percent of the information and communications technologists…

Technology: The Best Tool to Combat Climate Change


The price of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that sprang into existence more than a decade ago, has soared over the last year to more than 50,000 dollars. That is good news for investors, but bad news for the climate. As demand has risen, so has mining for more bitcoins, which require heavy internet server use, driving…

The VivaTech Tour Rolls Out a New, Virtual Format


The VivaTech Tour, a meeting place for tech industry professionals, has gone virtual. But, unlike so many things adversely affected by the worldwide pandemic, the virtual tour may actually be a good thing. Now, more people than ever can participate and learn from the events.  The tour has been around since 2017, offering people an opportunity…

For British Tech, There Is Plenty of Life After Brexit


For the tech ecosystem that is so important to the economy and future of Britain, Brexit, the legal and spiritual exit of the country from the European Union, seems to be more of a speed bump than a towering obstacle.Interviews with tech executives, investors and industry experts suggest that the worst-case scenarios of the potential…

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