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Startups join the battle against COVID-19


Among the many startups participating in Viva Technology, some of them – working in the fields of education, online commerce, telemedicine, etc. – are developing solutions to address the Coronavirus epidemic. VivaTech is helping to mobilize these startups and others who have joined us at past editions to offer their services and products free of…

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Girls (still!) just wanna have funds


 The money has been flowing into European tech startups – but almost exclusively to those startups run by men. You read that right: In 2019 only €8 in every €100 in Europe went to founding teams that had at least one woman. And it gets worse: Funding for mixed-gender and women-only teams has actually been…

Startups, Rise to the Challenges!


VivaTech’s Managing Director Julie Ranty explains what startups, as well as the established companies hosting them during the three days of Viva Technology, can expect from this year’s edition of VivaTech’s Startup Challenges.The deadline, February 28, is approaching – why do you think startups should be interested in signing up for the VivaTech Startup Challenges?The…

Five celebrity entrepreneurs we can’t ignore


“Oh joy!” said nobody ever. “A famous person has launched a new side business.” Fact is, it's hard to get too excited about another celebrity launching their own whiskey (Drake) or gin (Ryan Reynolds) or anything else (Ashton Kutcher). But once in a while somebody famous for one thing gets behind a new thing –…

10 keys, 1 door to the future


Technology allows us to invent new business models, create new opportunities for all sectors and leads us to rethink our society to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Artificial intelligence, air mobility, quantum computing and crypto-currencies are only a few of the subjects included in the VivaTech and Wavestone’s study on the 10 keys for the future.But before…

Welcome to the unicorn factory!


Unicorns – those rare startups reaching a valuation of €1 billion – are rolling off the assembly line here in Europe: 14 of them in the UK, seven in Germany, five in France, with a slew of IPOs slated for next year.Sure, there are still a lot more unicorns coming from the US and Asia…

Europe is talent-hungry!


First, the good news: In the second quarter of 2019, VC investment in Europe hit a new high – €9.3bn, up from €5.8bn in the second quarter of the previous year. Meanwhile, 14 Europe-based startups reached unicorn status in 2018. The problem – from the perspective of these booming startups and scaleups – is where…

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