AfricaTech is about highlighting African innovation, and about showcasing specific initiatives from this booming tech ecosystem. Startups in the rest of the world can certainly draw inspiration from the way emerging African companies have leveraged frugal innovation and leapfrogging. AfricaTech is also about awards for African startups, and it's a way to highlight outstanding European initiatives for Africa. In 2019, VivaTech welcomed more than 1000 startups from Africa.

AfricaTech in 2021

This year's program was enriched with many features. About ten African countries participated in the event in Paris and online. We were honored to host official delegations.

AfricaTech, to promote these two initiatives, is partnering with AfricArena, AG Partners, the Presidential Council for Africa, the International Trade Center, Seedstars Africa Ventures and the Africa France Summit.
Startups Challenges with African Partners
Some Startups Challenges hosted on VivaTech's platform are powered by our African partners. Seedstars Africa Ventures is looking to fund and support African champions who are making value chains more efficient. The International Trade Center is adressing the problem of affordable and reliable internet connectivity in Africa through innovative and resilient technology solutions. VivaTech is also hosting a challenge launched by The Presidential Council for Africa for its Pass'Africa.
VivaTech Tour in Africa
The VivaTech Tour online series hopped around the world one region at a time on the way to the 5th edition of VivaTech. On Thursday, March 11, the tour made a livestreamed stopover in Africa, where we got a good look at how the digital revolution was playing out on the continent and in local markets. This was the chance for VivaTech to unlock insights with experts and gain a better understanding of emerging startup and tech ecosystems.